Our Story

A&I Balancing was founded in the 1960’s by John Woods in Jackson, Michigan.  It was purchased by Terry Hoover in the 1990’s and moved to Concord, Michigan.  When Terry and his wife Debbie decided to retire and live the Florida dream, Victor Face purchased the business in 2016.  Since then, we have moved A&I back into the Wolverine Steel & Welding facility, and we have been in the process of upgrading our equipment, adding additional related services, and increasing the volume of work we can handle.  Let us help make your world run smoother! 

What We Do

  • Vertical and horizontal balancing for a wide range of products: fans, air movers, blowers, impellers, flanges, driveshafts, pulleys, squirrel cages, motors, shafts, and other rotating machine components

  • Individual parts or production runs

  • Balance Master parts and Certification documentation available 

  • Vibration Analysis Service

  • On-Site Balancing service at customer locations using our portable balancing unit 

  • Driveshafts: steel, aluminum, single or multi-piece, we can replace components or rebuild from scratch or order a new factory driveshaft, including new u-joints (remove and/or install), CV joints, yokes, flanges, double cardan joints, carrier bearings

  • We currently service driveshafts for: cars, trucks, racecars, pulling trucks, some tractors, and we are exploring semi-truck and heavy equipment shaft service as well