Vertical and Horizontal Balancing

We offer balancing for a wide range of products including: fans, air movers, blowers, impellers, flanges, driveshafts, pulleys, squirrel cages, motors, shafts, and other rotating machine components.

Vibration Analysis Service

Full vibration analysis

On-Site Balancing

We offer on-site balancing service at customer locations using our portable balancing unit.

Individual Parts or Production Runs

If you can name the part, we can make it! Call for inquiries.


We service all types of driveshafts: steel, aluminum, single or multi-piece.  We can fabricate new or order new factory driveshafts, or repair by replace components such as u-joints, yokes, mid shift bearings, CV joints, and more

New Driveshafts

We also service driveshafts for: cars, trucks, racecars, pulling trucks, some tractors, and we are exploring semi-truck and heavy equipment shaft service.